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Good day

I reached out to you few days ago seeking your cooperation in a matter relating to funds worth $24 Million, please get in touch with me immediate through this email

I await your response,


Sean Delanpi

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4G solar
Dear Sir/mdm, Hope you are doing well We supply 4G solar cameras, explosion-proof cameras and underwater cameras for commercial use. Use of applications: ships, construction sites, oil rigs and nuclear reactor etc.. Do contact us for any enquiries and visit our website below We also have nitrile gloves if you need some Whatsapp: +65 87695655 Email: W: If you wish to unsubscribe, do reply to our email. regards, Raymond
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Fund Transfer $8.9 Million USD
Hello, Happy New Year , I am the Auditing Director in the Bank of Ghana which is the Apex Bank of Ghana; I direct the auditing of accounting and financial data of various departments within the Bank of Ghana. During the Bank independent examination of financial information, I found out about this dormant account containing a contract balance fund $8.9 Million Dollars, The funds $8.9 Million dollars belongs to Late American Contractor Late Timothy Truax , he executed LNG pipeline contract for Ghana Petroleum commission , i will Tell you how the funds will be transferred to your bank account legitimately immediately i receive your response indicating your readiness to receive the funds and i want 50% of the funds after it is transferred to your bank account nominated by you. Reply to private email address : Warm Regards James Osei
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B2B products supply
Dear Sir / Madam My name is Oliver Morris and I represent the well know charity Red Cross. As you know millions of people are in immediate danger as the war continues in Ukraine and we are looking forward to helping them. Therefore our charity Red Cross is looking for suppliers who can supply any products that are in stock and needed by the people of Ukraine. Feel free to offer the available products but don't forget to add prices to speed up the process. Mr Oliver Morris Purchase Department of Red Cross EU Office Rue de Treves 59-61 1040 Brussels E-mail:
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CLJ Pharmaceuticals
Greetings I urgently need suppliers and major business partners to work with, CLJ Bio-Pharmaceuticals needs a reliable and trusted business partner to supply us with a consistent extract to the United Kingdom. I shall explain in detail if I get a positive response from you in this regard. kindly respond to my official Email: Yours Faithfully Full Name: Dr. A Breiner CLJ Pharmaceuticals
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Request for backlink exchange
Sir, I hope this email finds you well. My name is Kevin D. Baldwin and I am the owner of I came across your website and I was impressed by the quality of content you provide to your audience. I believe that our two websites share a similar target audience and could benefit from exchanging backlinks. I would be honored if you would consider adding a backlink to my website [] on your website. In exchange, I would be happy to add a backlink to your website on my website. This will help both of our websites to increase their visibility and ranking in search engines. If you are interested than mail on ( Thank you for considering my request. Best regards, Kevin D. Baldwin
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Dear Sir / Madam Kingfisher PLC Kingfisher plc is an international home improvement company with over 1,500 stores. We operate in eight countries across Europe under retail banners including B&Q, Castorama, Brico Depot, Screwfix, TradePoint and Koctas. Offer home improvement products and services to consumers and trade professionals who shop in our stores and via our e-commerce channels. Currently we are looking for new Suppliers and would like to ask you the information required to become one of your regular distributors? Can you please send us your available products list with prices? Kind Regards Kingfisher PLC Diana Kelsey Senior Executive Purchase 3 Sheldon Square,London United Kingdom W2 6PX Phone: +44 33 3303 4087 Email:
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How to Cure Any Addiction In A week
We at Ibogaine Pharma Inc specialize in and is committed to supply VERY POTENT QUALITY Tabernanthe Iboga Products. We own our farms in Many African countries where IBOGA is harvested. About Ibogaine Pharma Inc. We at Ibogaine Pharma Inc specialize in and are committed to supplying VERY POTENT QUALITY Tabernanthe Iboga Products. We own our farms in Many African countries where IBOGA is harvested. With Ibogaine Pharma Inc – every user or addict gets their money’s worth here – exclusive products, first-class quality, and personal customer service. Nice that you are interested in our products and philosophy. Our iboga products are unique premium products. It is extremely important for us to be able to offer you the highest quality. Because of this, we attach great importance to uniformly checking each batch and preparing it by hand for sale in our online shop.
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Greetings I would like to extend a professional and alluring business opportunity to you. Kindly respond to my email address provided below ( for further deliberation. Thank you. Dir. Chewn
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Good day I reached out to you few days ago seeking your cooperation in a matter relating to funds worth $24 Million, please get in touch with me immediate through this email I await your response, Thanks, Sean Delanpi
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Как быть счастливой осенью
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¿Cómo cambió la construcción mi vida sexual?
Hola a todos! Soy Harry, que vive en Inglaterra, comenzó a desanimarse en los últimos dos años, todas esas pandemias de COVID, el aumento de los precios de la vivienda y el gas, algunos trastornos… El psicólogo me dijo que encontrara un pasatiempo y comencé a aprender los conceptos básicos de la construcción, esto realmente distrae los problemas y me da fuerza. Recientemente decidió rehacer su casa de campo, y hacerlo de concreto aireado, por cierto, se pueden encontrar buenas críticas en estos enlaces: Después de 3-4 meses de Mi nuevo pasatiempo, la vida se volvió más interesante e incluso las chicas comenzaron a prestarme más atención. Los constructores siempre han sido símbolos sexuales y las chicas están felices de estar a su alrededor) ¡Mucho éxito!
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Debt Loan Financing
You have received a message from Mr. James , Business Development Executive/Auditing Director in the Bank of Ghana. He is not fulfilling his obligations. WhatsApp: 233 26 305 3181
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